DARMA Annual Meeting 2018 – photo album

Here are the photos from DARMA's Annual Meeting in Nyborg! If you, too, have pictures from the 2018 Annual Meeting that you would like to share with other members, please send to DARMA.

2016 Annual Meeting in Nyborg

46 photo(s) Updated on: 21 May 2018
  • Most of the delegates to DARMA's Annual Meeting 2018 in Nyborg.
  • Is DARMA's Chair wearing an impact hat...?
  • Saying welcome to the delegates, this was the view from the podium; they look happy...
  • The first keynote begins.
  • The graphic notes are growing...
  • Science and society... and the wall in between...
  • Discussion time – and the questions really kept coming!
  • The second keynote begins, putting a different perspective on the impact theme.
  • Intense discussions and an animated presenter makes for an engaging session.
  • The summary of the two keynotes, putting an interesting angle – or two interesting angles – on the impact theme.
  • DAMA's Funders' Forum is about to begin, for the first time with a "fish bowl" seating arrangement.
  • The DFF take on impact is explained.
  • RealDania is all about impact.
  • If you want to engage with the Tryg Foundation, read this piece of paper... carefully!
  • "We hear you, but..." or what is the body language saying here?
  • "Let the group discussions begin!"
  • Group discussion in the best meeting room ever...!
  • Day 2 begins.
  • The first Chair and one of the "founding fathers" of DARMA marks the 10-year anniversary by telling the true story of how DARMA came into existence.

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