DARMA News are written by the DARMA President and the board. It contains brief updates on topics considered of relevance to the DARMA members. News usually cover ongoing activities in the Board, news from the special interest groups, reflections on recent workshops and seminars, activities in sister societies etc.

  • 07 Jan 2019 22:51 | Annedorte Vad

    First of all, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year. I hope 2019 will be great and I look forward to work for DARMA and to serve the association and our profession.

    I have started updating the DARMA homepage and now realise it has great many features I have not really used yet. I will try to bring these more into play in the future to engage and support member activities and spark a renewed interest in the DARMA networks - such as the Topical networks and the Special Interest groups. Some of these networks and groups have been short-lived others durable - it all depends on the interest and engagement of the members. More about this will follow in the future months where I slowly but surely will work my way through all the site and its functionalities. But if you are interested in volunteering please contact me or the board.

    What will 2019 bring? 

    Attend a relevant RMA-event?

    Upcoming events are found on the DARMA webpage, let us know if some are missing and we will add them; a short overview of the next upcoming events follows here

    • 25 March 2019. SRA/ARMS thematic conference Disruptive trends in Global Research Management
    • 27 March 2019. EARMA annual meeting
    • 28 March 2019. Open Research Analytics (OPERA) Workshop
    • 21 May 2019. DARMA annual meeting

    A new job?

    The first job posting in 2019 has also come in with an opening at Aarhus University. If you want your postings listed too please send an email to me or the board. Job openings are also send by email to all members who have not opted out of this.

    Voicing your opinion or start a new discussion? 

    The DARMA blog is open for comments and feeds. Once you are logged in you can make your voice heard, ask a question or start a discussion.

    This will be all for now. I look forward to working for DARMA and hope you will engage too. I thank those of you who have already reached out to me. As last time, I invite everyone to write to me if you have input or ideas you would like to bring to the board or if you want to volunteer for a specific task. You can reach me on av.research@cbs.dk

    Kind regards,


    Annedorte Vad, DARMA President
    Danish Association of Research Managers and Administrators, DARMA
    CBS Research Support Office. Copenhagen Business School (visiting address: Steen Blichers vej 22, 2000 Frederiksberg)  

  • 14 Dec 2018 15:30 | Annedorte Vad

    Three weeks has passed since the DARMA general assembly and the DARMA board has just had it's first meeting.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted online and a special thanks to the members who took the time to attend the extraordinary general assembly. I am honoured and humbled by taking on the responsibility of being the new President of DARMA and I look very much forward to working to strengthen our association and profession.

    I have been a volunteer before. I was on the DARMA board 2009-2013 and I have been on the board of SRA International since 2014. I think the that these associations for people who work in Research Management and Research Administration are great platforms to grow professionally. I have always valued the relevant network with colleagues from other Danish institutions and internationally. I particularly like that we help each other and share our knowledge across institutions; and I will work for that to continue.

    I would like to see

    • a continued and extended dialogue with the Danish Funders
    • a continued collaboration with the Ministry of Science
    • a continued professional programme throughout the year with workshops, seminars, study tours etc.
    • the annual meeting to still be the premier Danish event for professional networking with peers
    • an extended membership base which cover a wider range of research institutions types
    • an extended membership base which cover the entire project life cycle
    • more collaboration with our international sister societies

    This of course is not something I can do on my own, I look forward to working with the board and we look forward to working with members. One thing I’ve learnt from my years as volunteering in DARMA and SRA Is the importance of the members and the importance of engaging volunteers.

    I invite all of you to write to me if you have input or ideas you would like to bring to the board. You can reach me on av.research@cbs.dk

    Kind regards,


    Annedorte Vad, DARMA President
    Danish Association of Research Managers and Administrators, DARMA
    CBS Research Support Office. Copenhagen Business School (visiting address: Steen Blichers vej 22, 2000 Frederiksberg)

  • 23 Nov 2018 10:41 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    It is my unreserved pleasure to announce that DARMA has a new President: Annedorte Vad, Head of the Research Support Office at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was elected by acclamation at the Extraordinary General Assembly at CBS on 20 November, and by 86 votes for (one against) from the online voting. You can get to know Annedorte better by reading DARMA's nomination of her to the INORMS Award for Excellence in Research Management, which she was one of the first recipients of earlier this year in Edinburgh.

    I could not have wished for a better successor, and I am confident that DARMA will not only continue to be a relevant and important association, but will evolve and become even better under Annedorte's leadership. It feels really good.

    Now follows a transition period, during which all the legal and bureaucratic duties and powers are transferred from me to Annedorte. Sometime early next year, the formal handing over of the role as president will be transferred, most likely at the first Board meeting of the new year (the exact dates remain to be agreed upon).

    At the Extraordinary General Assembly and the web voting, the proposed amendment to the statutes was unanimously accepted. The statutes have been updated to reflect the amendment.

    Olaf Svenningsen

  • 23 Aug 2018 22:36 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    Efter en lidt stille sommer begynder det at ske ting. EARMA har starte en tematisk gruppe om etik og integritet, der afholder næste møde i Bruxelles d. 8. november. EARMA udbyder også for første gang sin EARMA Early Stage Research Administrators Masterclass d. 15.–16.november, også i Bruxelles. Dette kursus er inspireret bl.a. af DARMA's introduktionskursus og oplægget ser meget spændende ud.

    D. 5. oktober afholdes der møde ved Lunds Universitet i DARMA's erfa-gruppe i personaleledelse. ERFA-gruppen er målrettet forskerstøtteledere med personaleledelse og flere oplysninger kan man få ved henvendelse til mig, Olaf Svenningsen eller gruppens tovholder, Pernille von Lillienskjold, AU.

    Så er der flere nye stillingsopslag:

    • Statens Serum Institut søger en forskningskoordinator, en stilling, som ser særdeles alsidig, interessant og spændende ud. Ansøgningsfrist 2. september.
    • D. 2. september er der også ansøgningsfrist til en stilling som Institutkoordinator ved Institut for Biologisk Psykiatri, Psykiatrisk Center Sct. Hans i Roskilde. Stillingen omfatter meget spændende forsknings, herunder iPSYCH.
    • Syddansk Forskerstøtte ved SDU's Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet og Region Syddanmark har slået en stilling op som specialkonsulent. Det er "min" gamle enhed og det er en meget attraktiv stilling, hvor man vil arbejde i et dynamiskt miljø sammen med nogle af de bedste og sødeste mennesker jeg har arbejdet med. Ansøgningsfristen er d. 19. september.
    Jeg har tidligere skrevet om opslagene fra Juridisk Fakultet ved KU (frist 12. september) og Forskningsservice ved Lunds Universitet (frist d. 27. august).
  • 22 May 2018 07:44 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    DARMA's Årsmøde 2018 blev afholdt torsdag og fredag i sidste uge med lidt over 100 deltagere. I løbet af de kommende dage vil oplæg og materiale blive lagt på konferencens webside. Et fotoalbum fra konferencen findes her...

    Så er der to åbne stillinger på DARMA.dk:

  • 15 Oct 2017 23:06 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    As the darkness of autumn is slowly approaching, many things are going on on the world of research support. Here is a brief summary:

    • Impact workshop: the presentation and handouts from the Westensee workshop on impact with Julie Bayley from Coventry University, UK, held at SDU in Odense on 11 October, are now available for members at the Impact workshop page...
    • EARMA Conference: The deadline for topic submissions to the EARMA Annual Conference 2018 in Brussels, Belgium, has been extended, and is now 3 November. Read more at EARMA's conference website...
    • There are four new jobs to apply for, one at the IT University and three at SDU. Check out the job ads here...
    And if anyone missed it in the last update, the documents from the SFU-DARMA application workshop on 11 September are available to members here... It's relevant for most of DARMA's members, and feedback would be very welcome. Also, the NCURA Magazine issue, The Magic of Metrics, is recommended as Autumn Break reading, available only to DARMA members.
  • 18 Sep 2017 22:50 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    Winter is coming, as they say, and most of us are back in the treadmill. I hope all DARMA members had a good, relaxing summer vacation, even though the weather left a lot to be wished for. I had a nice hike in the Sarek Mountains in northernmost Sweden in August (see some photos here...) and we got out just barely ahead of the first real snow storm. Unfortunately, I also caught some bacteria and went down hard with unpleasant infections and was on sick leave until last week. I will spare you the gory details and just say that the recovery is going somewhat slowly, and I may one day catch up with the wall of mail that was waiting for me, or not...

    My first full day back at work was Monday, September 11th, this fateful date, which was also when the Ministry of Higher Education and Science (UFM), the Agency for Science and Education (SFU), and DARMA held a workshop on "Current themes in research funding and proposals". At the request of UFM/SFU, the number of participants was limited and small, but a report and the presentations from the meeting will be published here within the next days. It is my intention to follow up on the interesting themes from the workshop with DARMA events where broader participation is possible.

    Talking about DARMA events: the next Westensee workshop is now open for registration. The theme is the ever-popular "Impact in research" and Hanne Dahl Mortensen has followed up on her visit to Kent University in the UK (read about it in Hanne's DARMA Blog post here...) and invited Julie Bayley, one of the UK's top impact experts, to offer a hands-on workshop for DARMA members. The workshop takes place on October 11th at SDU in Odense, and I hope many DARMA members will take this unique opportunity. Participation is free of charge – for DARMA members...

    You have hopefully noticed that DARMA's popular "Kursus for forskningsadministratorer" is offered 15-17 November this year, and that it, too, is open for registration. Please share this information with all friends and colleagues who might be interested – it's very easy using the social media icons on the event page.

    More events are in the pipeline, and will be announced here.

    Finally, the Job Openings page is continually updated, and currently there are three very interesting ads open, among them one for a Legal Officer at Copenhagen University's EU Office. Keep sending you job ads to DARMA, it's the best way to make sure they reach the right people...!

  • 01 Jun 2017 14:58 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    The message below is from NCURA's International Region to DARMA's members:

    Dear Colleagues,

    Is your institution looking for US funding opportunities? And if they do, is your office ready and fit to support them?

    Whether you need an update or are getting ready for looking into US funding opportunities, it might be the right time to start this August and travel to Washington for the largest gathering of research administrators and managers in the US: the National Council of University Research Administrator (NCURA) Annual Meeting from August 6 to 9, 2017.

    And while you are there, take advantage of traveling to Washington for the NCURA Annual Meeting by adding an extra day and enjoying an educational trip to the visit the National Institutes of Health for a dedicated ‘international’ focused program. Michelle Bulls, Director of the Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration will be a keynote speaker and provide an update on the international aspects of NIH awards.

    Region VIII members will have this unique opportunity to visit the research facility and participate in discussions that are relevant for non-US institutions. Read the program here.

    An opportunity not to be missed: register for the NIH day on Thursday August 10 (Please note this is a separate website to the Annual Meeting registration.). Early bird registration closes 9 June!

    We are looking forward to seeing you in August!

    The NCURA Region VIIII / International


  • 19 May 2017 11:56 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    On the initiative of EARMA, a number of organizations in Europe has formulated a "postcard" with statements and recommendations on the future of European research. If you agree, please help spreading the postcard text in your own network, on social media and wherever it is appropriate.

    Here is the postcard text in full:

    "Making European Research Stronger

    The European Framework Research Programme is one of the major success stories of the European Project. It promotes scientific excellence, international cooperation and research cohesion at a scale unmatched by any other programme in the world addressing research problems beyond the scope and capability of any single country.

    To build on this success and to enhance Europe’s role as a research powerhouse, the Union must:

    • Maintain ‘Excellence’ as the most important selection criterion across all of H2020 and into FP9;
    • Enhance the trustworthiness and transparency of the evaluation process;
    • Implement mechanisms to address the low success rates which are raising participation costs and reducing the attractiveness of the programme;
    • Address today’s global challenges which need the involvement of a wide variety of disciplines, including those that investigate humans, their culture, history, values and behaviour and which must also be reflected in research agendas;
    • Substantially increase the funding allocation to both the ERC and MSCA programmes;
    • Incentivise participation of all countries in the European Research Area (ERA) without compromising excellence in any way;
    • Invest in frontier-led and collaborative, cross-border research, and maximise its impact on the citizens’ social, economic and cultural well-being across all areas of H2020 and FP9;
    • Develop a more sophisticated and nuanced definition of ‘impact’ and an enriched and broadened definition of ‘innovation’. Apply the definitions consistently and appropriately, reflecting the differences between project types and durations;
    • Further support open science ensuring benefits for society;
    • Continue the process of simplification to reduce administrative barriers for all participants;
    • Our associations remain fully committed, individually and collectively, to engage in dialogue with the Commission on these and other issues.”

    Link to the postcard on EARMA's website...

  • 15 Mar 2017 15:20 | Olaf Svenningsen (Administrator)

    Der er nu åbnet for registrering til DARMA's Årsmøde 2017, der afholdes 4–5. maj i Nyborg. Formatet er det samme som sidste år, dvs. mødet afholdes fra frokost til frokost og årets generalforsamling afholdes lige før mødet begynder.

    Programmet er ikke helt på plads endnu, da vi forsøgte noget ambitiøst, der ikke gik helt som ønsket, men de sidste punkter skulle være på plads før ugen er til ende.

    Tilmelding sker fra konferencens annonce-side og programmet og alt materiale (oplæg, rapporter, weblinks mv.) vil ligge på konference-siden inde på websitet (annonce-siden arkiveres nemlig og vil blive usynlig efter konferencen).

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