DARMA Travel Stipends

DARMA members can apply for travel fellowships to attend relevant conferences and meetings that will benefit both the individual member and be of interest to the association. 

Applications for travel fellowships can be submitted at any time – there are no deadlines. Proposals will be evaluated at the regular meetings of DARMA's Board; see meeting schedule here...

The selection criteria are that the applicant:
  • Must have been a DARMA member for at least one year.

  • Must actively participate in the event (e.g. by presenting a poster or giving a presentation)

  • Cannot have received a DARMA Travel Fellowship during the preceding two years.

  • Submits the application before the event in question.
After the event you are expected to post a blog entry about your experience on DARMA’s website.

If we find it interesting you might be
invited to hold a talk at the next annual DARMA conference.


The documents below are available in Danish only.




Johanne Keiding, KU
Inorms 2020 Conference in Hiroshima


Barbaro Spanó, DTU
Inorms 2020 Conference in Hiroshima

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