17 Sep 2019 • Adelaide, South Australia
19 Sep 2019 10:00 • Online
25 Sep 2019 • Worldwide
19 Oct 2019 • San Francisco, CA, USA
19 Oct 2019 • San Francisco, USA
10 Dec 2019 11:00 • Bruxelles
25 May 2020 • Hiroshima, Japan


Below is a list of events by DARMA and sister organisations, or other events of potential interest or relevance to DARMA's members. If you are a DARMA member and would like to attend an event, you can apply for a DARMA Travel Fellowship (log-in required)

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    • 17 Sep 2019
    • 20 Sep 2019
    • Adelaide, South Australia

    You are warmly invited to attend the 20th Australasian Research Management Society Conference 2019, to be held in Adelaide, South Australia. The theme of the ARMS 2019 Conference is Research management excellence and impact: It’s our business.

    Adelaide is well known for its rich diversity of academic research and innovative culture but did you know it boasts a rich and vibrant arts scene and a serious food and wine culture for those foodies and wine buffs amongst us!

    In 2019 we also celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this professional society. In celebrating our 20th anniversary milestone we will take the opportunity to also acknowledge the contributions of some key past members who played a significant role establishing the Society as it is today with more than 3000 members and recognise areas of current best practice.

    The conference will also showcase the diverse and far reaching impact our profession has on the advancement of the research enterprise including benefits to society, culture, our environment and the economy.

    Are you interested in a conference program rich with content, which celebrates our profession? Do you want to be involved to contribute, strengthen, and build the future of our society? Or do you simply wish to take advantage of this fabulous learning opportunity, network with friends and colleagues, and party like its 2019?

    Join us in Adelaide! 


    • 19 Sep 2019
    • 10:00 - 10:45
    • Online

    Webinar: Sådan søger du midler hos Det Europæiske Forskningsråd (ERC) (engelsk) 

    Formålet med webinaret er at give forskere en grundlæggende forståelse af det Europæiske Forskningsråd (ERC) og få afklaret, hvorvidt det er relevant at søge midler hos ERC 

    Læs mere og tilmeld dig via https://ufm.dk/aktuelt/arrangementer/2019/webinar-det-europaeiske-forskningsrad-erc-19-september-2019 

    • 25 Sep 2019
    • Worldwide

    Just for fun - Have a great Research Administrator Day!

    National Research Administrator Day is observed annually on September 25. This is a day to recognize the contributions made by administrators every day.

    Research Administrators and Managers serve an important role in supporting research. They assist the faculty and researchers, protect the institution or organization and assure sound stewardship of sponsored research dollars. Research Administration is found in many types of organizations around the world. It’s in higher education from liberal arts colleges to research universities, health and medical institutions, research institutions, federal and both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

    Starting with a small number of individuals in the late 1940s until present day, with thousands of acknowledged professionals worldwide, research administrators and managers provide value and expertise to the global research enterprise.

    How to observe

    Take your favorite Research Administrator or Manager to lunch to thank them for all they do. Take photos and post on social media using #ResearchAdministratorDay


    National Research Administrator Day was submitted by NCURA in August of 2015. The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Research Administrator Day to be observed annually on September 25. 

    Read more about this excellent initiative, which should be made global, at this web page...

    • 19 Oct 2019
    • 20 Oct 2019
    • San Francisco, USA

    Senior Executive Institute at the 2019 SRAI Annual Meeting in San Francisco

    At the Senior Research Executive Institute (SEI) attendees learn to develop, enhance and grow the research enterprise and related programs. The 1.5 day workshop is intended for individuals and teams who have research leadership and management responsibilities for their institutions (Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents, and Directors).

    Through presentations, group discussions and networking, participants explore research challenges and relationships and discover innovative ideas and techniques for leadership and management.

    Program Highlights

    • Lesson’s learned from a practicing Vice Chancellor
    • Research leadership qualities and success factors
    • Emotional intelligence for leaders
    • Change management
    • Strategy planning and implementation
    • Communications plans

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity! The SEI is limited to ONLY 28 participants!

    Explore the Program & Register on https://www.sraannualmeeting.org/2019/sei.cfm

    • 19 Oct 2019
    • 23 Oct 2019
    • San Francisco, CA, USA

    Join fellow research management professionals for the 2019 SRAI Annual Meeting!

    The five-day event, October 19-23, 2019, will bring together research administrators from across the globe to learn, share and transform ideas into solutions with more than 150 innovative learning sessions.

    The Annual Meeting features a full slate of industry, government and subject matter expert speakers, as well as the prestigious Senior Executive Institute, focused specifically on the needs of high-level decision makers.

    Join the conversation with your peers, recognized industry experts and leaders, inspired by the most innovative ideas for five days of valuable, relevant, invigorating professional development, education and networking.

    Read details and stay updated on the conference website...

    • 10 Dec 2019
    • 11:00
    • 11 Dec 2019
    • 15:00
    • Bruxelles

    Annual study trip to Brussels

    The annual study trip to Brussels will be December 10-11. We expect the preliminary programme to be ready by mid August and registration will open early September.

    If you have any ideas for relevant topics, please send them to Lone:loj@ucn.dk

    • 25 May 2020
    • 28 May 2020
    • Hiroshima, Japan

    INORMS 2020, Hiroshima

    Promoting Diversity in Research and Research Management Collaborations: More Trans-National, More Trans-Disciplinary, More Trans-Sectoral

    RMAN-J has set the above theme for INORMS 2020 based on its following understanding. Academic collaboration in this interconnected world involves increasing interaction among academics from different countries and disciplines. Further, stakeholders outside of academia should join these discussions for better research management and administration. It is only through weaving diverse trans-national, trans-disciplinary, and trans-sectoral threads into a diverse tapestry that we can succeed in facing the complex global challenges of today.

    This meeting provides the opportunity for research managers and administrators from across the globe to meet, to learn and to discuss issues of research management, to develop professionally, and to network. INORMS 2020 will have the following tracks:

    1. Global Collaboration
    2. Partnerships and Innovation beyond Academia
    3. Research Evaluation and Impact
    4. Professional Development of Researchers and Research Managers
    5. Research Integrity and Responsible Conduct of Research

    Key dates 2019

    • June 19 Call for Abstracts opens 
    • August 16 Deadline for Abstract submission
    • October Notification of accepted Abstracts
      Call for Posters opens 
    • December Release of the Conference Program

    Key dates 2020

    • End of February Early Bird Registration closes / General Registration opens 
    • May 25-28 INORMS 2020 Hiroshima See more on https://inorms2020.org/
    DARMA members can apply for a DARMA travel stipend 

Past events

14 Aug 2019 NUAS Forum 2019
15 Jul 2019 Research Leadership Intensive
27 Jun 2019 EuroCenter webinar om Arbejdspakker i H2020
27 May 2019 SRA Webinars half price offer
26 May 2019 CARA Annual conference
21 May 2019 Generalforsamling 2019
21 May 2019 DARMA Årsmøde 2019
09 May 2019 Webinar on Impacter
29 Apr 2019 11th Annual NORDP Research Development Conference
11 Apr 2019 Mini Train-the-Trainer webinar – for rutinerede undervisere
28 Mar 2019 Open Research Analytics (OPERA) Workshop
27 Mar 2019 EARMA Conference 2019
25 Mar 2019 Disruptive Trends in Global Research Management
21 Nov 2018 Faciliteringsmetoder: Mini Train-the-Trainer webinar
20 Nov 2018 DARMA ekstraordinær generalforsamling
20 Nov 2018 DARMA Finding Funding Workshop
15 Nov 2018 EARMA Early Stage Research Administrators Masterclass
08 Nov 2018 Ethics and Research Integrity Thematic Group Workshop
05 Nov 2018 DARMA studietur til Bruxelles 2018
27 Oct 2018 SRA International 2018 Annual Meeting
18 Oct 2018 4th EUA Funding Forum
27 Aug 2018 DARMA Workshop om facilitering
05 Aug 2018 NCURA Annual Meeting 2018
04 Jun 2018 INORMS 2018/ARMA 2018
17 May 2018 DARMA Generalforsamling 2018
17 May 2018 DARMA Årsmøde 2018 / DARMA Annual Meeting 2018
24 Apr 2018 DARMA Workshop om facilitering - Cancelled - New date will follow
16 Apr 2018 EARMA Annual Conference 2018
06 Mar 2018 NARMA Vårkonferanse 2018
29 Jan 2018 Impact Canvas Workshop
29 Nov 2017 Integrating societal impact in a research strategy – a three day interactive course
15 Nov 2017 DARMA-kursus for forskningsadministratorer
14 Oct 2017 SRA International Annual Meeting 2017
11 Oct 2017 Westensee workshop at SDU on impact with Julie Bayley, Coventry University, UK
08 Oct 2017 THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL on Research Impact Assessment
26 Sep 2017 ARMS 2017
01 Sep 2017 Workshop on Taxonomies of Research Impact
06 Aug 2017 NCURA Annual Meeting 2017
05 Jun 2017 ARMA Annual Conference
30 May 2017 DARMA erfagruppe for personaleledelse
14 May 2017 SRA International – 2017 International/Canadian Section Meeting
08 May 2017 NORDP 2016 Annual Research Development Conference
04 May 2017 DARMA Generalforsamling 2017
04 May 2017 DARMA Annual Conference 2017
24 Apr 2017 EARMA Annual Conference 2017
28 Mar 2017 NARMA Vårkonferanse 2017
08 Mar 2017 DARMA Studietur til München
07 Mar 2017 Møde i erfa-gruppe for personaleansvar
21 Feb 2017 Studietur til København 2017
07 Dec 2016 Workshop Innovationsfonden-DARMA
01 Dec 2016 NUAS seminar and workshop - How to measure the value and quality of Research and Innovation Services
23 Nov 2016 EU-ERFA møde
22 Nov 2016 International recruitment - Between a dynamic workforce and retaining excellent researchers
16 Nov 2016 Open Science – udfordringer og muligheder: En national temadag
11 Nov 2016 Forskningskoordinator, Lunds Tekniska Högskola,, Institutionen för immunteknologi
08 Nov 2016 DARMA studietur til Bruxelles
03 Nov 2016 The 21th Nordic Workshop on Bibliometrics and Research Policy
01 Nov 2016 International research funding - Prospects for funding beyond the EU
22 Oct 2016 SRA International Annual Meeting 2016
06 Oct 2016 3rd EUA Funding Forum
28 Sep 2016 National Webinar for Denmark on the OpenAIRE FP7 Post-Grant Open Access Pilot
11 Sep 2016 INORMS 2016
22 Aug 2016 Kursus i administration af EU-projekter
07 Aug 2016 NCURA Annual Meeting 2016
22 Jul 2016 Euroscience Open Forum 2016
20 Jun 2016 EARMA Annual Meeting 2016
06 Jun 2016 ARMA (UK) Annual Meeting 2016
01 Jun 2016 The University-Industry Interaction Conference 2016
30 May 2016 DARMA General Assembly 2016
30 May 2016 DARMA Annual Meeting 2016
23 May 2016 NORDP Annual Meeting 2016
13 May 2016 Studietur til København
02 Mar 2016 DARMA Westensee Workshop – pre-award erfa. Undervisning og 1:1 vejledning af forskere
22 Jan 2016 NIH/NIAID Grants Day
21 Jan 2016 FIN møde om Leiden Manifesto
18 Nov 2015 OpenAIRE workshop: Sharing research data and open access to publications in H2020
16 Nov 2015 Erfa-møde om amerikanske forskningsmidler
11 Nov 2015 DARMA Course: Introduction to Research Support
27 Oct 2015 Seminar on Cross-disciplinary Horizon 2020 projects
17 Oct 2015 2015 SRA International Annual Meeting
01 Oct 2015 The 20th Nordic Workshop on Bibliometrics and Research Policy 2015
29 Sep 2015 ARMS 17th Annual Conference 2015
28 Sep 2015 AAU + Yellow Research H2020 workshops
21 Sep 2015 Studietur til Bruxelles
02 Sep 2015 Global Sponsored Project Administration
02 Aug 2015 NCURA Annual Conference 2015
28 Jun 2015 EARMA 21st Annual Conference
08 Jun 2015 DARMA Annual Meeting 2015
01 Jun 2015 ARMA (UK) 2015 Conference
29 Apr 2015 NORDP Annual Research Development Conference
26 Apr 2015 NCURA International Region 2015
10 Mar 2015 EARMA Workshop on Horizon 2020 implementation
02 Mar 2015 DARMA Travel Fellowships
01 Mar 2015 International and Canadian sections of SRA International Annual Meeting
06 Feb 2015 DARMA Pre-Award Special Interest Group meeting
22 Jan 2015 DARMA Post-Award Special Interest Group meeting
30 Jun 2014 EARMA Annual Conference 2014
09 Jun 2014 ARMA 2014 Conference
03 Jun 2014 DARMA Annual Meeting
05 May 2014 DARMA Introductory Course
10 Apr 2014 INORMS 2014
03 Dec 2013 DARMA UK Study Tour
26 Nov 2013 DARMA Brussels study trip

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