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Administrative officer at Biomediq

  • 13 Aug 2015
  • Copenhagen

Biomediq is seeking an energetic administrative officer to undertake the various administrative tasks in the company. Biomediq develops medico technical research based software and support clinical trials. Biomediq participates in several national and European research projects with public funding involved and in collaboration with public research institutions. The officer will support the management, the human resources, and the quality management function in administrative tasks:

  • Management support including minutes and reporting to authorities
  • Personnel administration including employment contracts and holiday/abscence accounting
  • Support of quality management including recording of competences and document management
  • Management of project application processes including coordination, budgeting, and documentation
  • Administration of projects including financial reporting, time registration, support of workshops etc. 

Experience in any or all of the above is an advantage, but the most important is the energetic attitude towards work, the structured work and use of IT support, fluency in writing in Danish and English, and the ability and willingness to adapt to new challenges. It is expected that the assistant will hold an academic degree or have some years of experience after formal training as a clerk.

The position can be filled as a part time position or as a full time position taking more responsibility towards project applications and quality management. For the right headed full time candidate, the position also holds the possibility to develop into a quality management function offering the necessary formal training to undertake these activities.

Biomediq conducts research and development in automated image analysis for quantification of diseases such as arthritis, breast cancer, and Alzheimer's for application in clinical trials and patient care.

There is no deadline; open until the position is filled.

Contact: Mads Nielsen,, +45 24 600 599

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